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The Best COVID-19 Resources We've Discovered So Far

Over the last few weeks many of us have probably been bombarded with all kinds of noise, speculation, and potentially misinformation around COVID-19. 
My colleagues at Russell Investments put together some valuable COVID-19 Resources: 
  1. How Coronaviruses Work 
    • Educational scrolling infographic by SCMP
  2. The Math Behind Social Distancing 
    • Infographic on how social distancing can be a first line of defense 
  3. The History of Pandemics 
    • Infographic on the history of pandemics and how COVID-19 compares
  4. Real Time COVID-19 Map 
    • Dashboard by Johns Hopkins University – updates in Realtime so you always have the latest numbers
  5. Tracking the Corona Virus: The Latest Figures 
    • Various charts and tables on countries affected, as well as ongoing assessments on economic damage caused by the virus. Usually a subscription based site, but is now accessible to everyone. 
  6. COVID-19 Stats and Research 
    • Tons of stats, citations, and data for those who want to dive deeper into the situation – updated regularly
  7. Video: The Coronavirus Explained, And What You Should Do 
    • Animated video provides a handy explainer of how the virus works. About 8 minutes long, but it might help fill you in on other knowledge gaps
The impact of COVID-19 will be felt over the coming weeks & months and we hope the above resources can help shine some light for your friends and families.